How fish, books, and photographs boost productivity

The main thread is simple: The less stressed you are, the more productive and focused you become. You already know to get a good night’s… more...
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Are your online passwords secure?

You’re familiar with the scenario. You begin logging into your computer as the workday begins, and it happens: Didn’t you just change your password? You… more...
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The Golden Boy … and what he knows

I met a very special child at a VFW-sponsored Memorial Day Celebration in a park, just after finishing a keynote Memorial Day address. My speech… more...
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Want your best career? Stop climbing and start profiling!

The common American perception of career potential is linear – we move “up the ladder” as we get closer to “the top”. The next professional… more...
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When “Should I Go or Should I Stay?” becomes “Go”

A job is “just a job” until you lose or surrender it. Most folks share the occasional hump-day daydream of proclaiming loudly, with an air… more...
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The Art of Change Management

Change is never easy, even when the goal holds the promise of greater benefits for every person involved. Facing a decision that likely will lead… more...
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U.S. Business Growth – and the survey says!

Image courtesy of The Hub for Startups The Kauffman Foundation has worked closely with the Census Bureau and other government agencies to create and publish… more...
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TV channel zapping

Why we like TV better with commercial breaks…

It’s counter-intuitive for most of us – the idea that we actually might prefer television with advertising breaks over the uninterrupted programming available on our… more...
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Photo courtesy of Create Your Career Path with Hallie Crawford

Why pairing bad news with a smile is good business medicine

Photo courtesy of Create Your Career Path with Hallie Crawford Imagine you’ve been asked to give a presentation to a group that you know will… more...
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