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The importance of creativity at work: 4 tips to be more imaginative

Our day-to-day work activities can suck the creativity out of most of what we do. Blogger Stephanie Reed offers some strategies that are sure to get your creative juices flowing again.
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Generation anxiety at work: Age difference or attitude?

Are the generations really that different when it comes to the workplace?
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4 questions to ask if you want more work-life balance

Blogger Brandon Allen says creating work-life balance isn't impossible. You just have to ask the right questions.
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Lawsuit review: When what seems okay is NOT okay

We all make mistakes. Blogger Jody Glynn Patrick shares a few recent gaffes from corporate America. She hopes you can learn from these missteps.
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get happy

How to be happy at work

Have a case of the summertime blues? Blogger Kris Prusynski offers four ways to get happy at work.
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Distracted from the mission

Sometimes our own beliefs and perceptions can distract from our main business objective: Serving our customers as best as we can. Blogger Jason Mueller talks about three distractions he's encountered during his professional career that have knocked organizations off track.
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Hypnotic suggestion in the workplace? Why seeing is believing.

You're getting sleepy. You're eyes are getting heavy. Just kidding. But Blogger Jody Glynn Patrick explores why and how a hypnotist could benefit your business.
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Spring cleaning every small business owner should do—better late than never!

It's officially summer! But don't dust off those boat shoes and white pants just yet. Blogger Dawn Mentzer tells you what you should be doing before your summer vacation begins.
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What millennials want at work and why you should give it to them

Your business may not need millennials right now, but it will! Blogger Barclay Pollak tells you how to attract and retain employees from generation Y.
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