Elevate your customer experience with TDS Wi-Fi+ for Business!

Does your business’ wireless network struggle with dead spots, inconsistent performance, or too much traffic?

Regardless of whether you run a restaurant, coffee shop, salon, health practice, gym, or some other business, a secure and consistent wireless experience is the expectation for customers today. And with more and more businesses’ POS systems operating wirelessly with iPads and QR codes, the need for consistent, reliable Wi-Fi is more important than ever.

Luckily, TDS has an effective and affordable solution for you—our brand-new commercial product, Wi-Fi+ for Business!

Here are some of the main benefits TDS WiFi+ for Business will provide you and your customers:

Become a great host with mesh technology
TDS Wi-Fi + for Business is a wireless network designed to fit the individual needs of your business and business space.

Instead of forcing every device in your business to connect to a single router, our mesh network ensures consistent coverage throughout the space, regardless of proximity to the base station. This is done through the strategic placement of access points throughout your space by our trained technicians. Our mesh network uses eero Pro access points, which are equipped with tri-band radios to maximize traffic. This means that each of the access points communicate with each other, handing off traffic and always ensuring consistent coverage for users.

Optimize and strengthen your network
The TDS Wi-Fi+ for Business app allows you to control your network from your smartphone. Within the app, you can get real-time performance updates, identify poor coverage areas, troubleshoot and manage your access.

Take advantage of professional installation and enhanced technical support
Starting at just $19.95/mo. for two access points, TDS will work with you to analyze the unique needs of your space. At install, our technicians have the tools needed to go into your business, assess signal strength, and identify dead spots in coverage. If you have a patio or multiple floors, up to 10 additional access points are available for an additional $5 per month.

The product also allows TDS experts to have visibility into your end-to-end network connection—pinpointing possible network issues and maximizing our ability to resolve potential issues promptly and efficiently.

Maximize coverage with a worry-free monthly subscription

If you find the need to add an additional access point after installation, no sweat! TDS Wi-Fi+ for Business comes with a flexible month-to-month subscription, making upgrading easy.

Improve flexibility and security
TDS Wi-Fi+ for Business is internet that works for you. Here are some of the many ways:

  • Establish a schedule limiting access to devices throughout the day.
  • Protect your network by blocking distracting websites and suspicious devices in the network.
  • Create a separate, secure, password-protected guest networks for your customers.

TDS Wi-Fi for Business: Wi-Fi+ for Business service includes two mesh wireless devices. Additional mesh wireless device(s) are available for an additional monthly fee. All troubleshooting of PCs, mobile devices, and network components is done over the phone, online chat, or remote Internet session. Technician visits are not offered as part of this service. TDS does not guarantee Wi-Fi+ for Business support can solve all problems. Other Internet equipment may be required, and normal fees apply. Handling fee may apply. Requires TDS Internet Service. Delinquent accounts may lose service. Certain services not available in all areas. Price may vary by serving area and is subject to change without notice. TDS® is a registered trademark of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. Copyright © 2022, TDS Telecommunications LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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