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In case you missed it: Custom On-Hold Music & Messages

Well, instead of listening to dead air or painstakingly awful elevator music, why not use it to tell your customers about upcoming sales or promotions in your organization. After all, you have the customer on the line; you might as well pitch to them!

In this managedIP webinar our expert demonstrated how to record and upload your very own customized on-hold message or music.

Just click here to watch the playback!


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Mike works on the Corporate Communications team at TDS and is the manager of the TDS Business Blog. He has a passion for all things business, storytelling, and teaching. Mike attended Edgewood College and earned degrees in English Literature and Journalism, while competing on the Men’s tennis team. He recently completed his Masters in Sustainability and Business. With his newfound free time, he plays music, tennis, and reads (a lot).

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