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How to put a “Devil’s Advocate” mindset to work for your team

There’s usually one self-proclaimed “Devil’s Advocate” in any work team of five or more. You know the one – the person who shoots down nearly every suggestion with the idea-killing bullet “but”. Why, then, would you purposefully incorporate a Devil’s Advocate filter into your product development process? Here's why:
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Work with a scoundrel?

I once had a colleague who was morally bankrupt. This sales VP over-promised results his staff could not deliver or support. When a key sale… more...
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How to handle a workplace bully

Bullying doesn't just impact children. Blogger and award winning business journalist, Jody Glynn Patrick, tells you what steps you should take if the office bully starts picking on you.
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Is it acceptable to swear at work? Not everyone will pardon your French.

A little colorful language never hurt anybody, right? Wrong! Blogger Dawn Mentzer explains what a few four letter words said aloud could cost you at work.
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