3 reasons you need an administrator in your small business

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Adikos

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Adikos

True confession. For the first five years in my business, I flew solo. Sure I had the occasional independent contractor come in and do some web development work or design some business cards. Permanent employees or administrator? Not a chance.

In year six, I was forced to re-evaluate my position on going it alone. I had more projects and more clients than ever before. Business was great. I was suffering. My days became longer and longer and it was starting to take its toll. My wife looked at me one day and said “You need some help.” As always, she was right. (Insert brownie points here for that last statement)

So in year six, I made the move. I hired employee number one at The Business Blueprint. I hired an administrator. After the first couple of months. I wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner.
Here are the three biggest impacts that it made on me and my business.

  1. I do more of what I do best
    What I do best in my business is connecting with clients and solving business growth and leadership problems for my clients. I would venture a guess that you are no different. If you are like most business owners that I know, you don’t like to handle paperwork, scheduling, follow up, etc. I am also the best, and only, salesperson in my business. I was able to transition away from clerical duties and shift that time into business production. If you had more time to sell and market your business, would that help you?

  3. It helped me create simplicity
    Hiring an administrator has made my business simpler. I always hear business owners talk about how employees make their lives harder but, if you hire the right people, you won’t have that problem. Great employees at any level make things run smoother.

  5. It created more leverage in my business
    Learning to create leverage in your business is huge. I already shared how my administrator freed up my time to sell. She also runs my newsletter, she schedules sales follow ups from events that I speak at and also handles things at the office when I am not there. This allows me to create more value for my clients.

If you have a business that is looking to increase its capacity and increase sales, it’s time to get some admin help. If you want more freedom and flexibility from your business, then it’s time for an admin. I always thought I couldn’t afford an admin. Now after hiring one, I don’t think I could live without one.

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