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The only known cure for worry

At some point in time we've all worried about something. Blogger Mike MacDonald shares the only known cure for this age-old problem.
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How to make a fear of failure your frenemy

Blogger Jody Glynn Patrick tells you what's stopping you from achieving your dreams.
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Silhouette of Business Woman

How to be more confident in the business world and beyond

Everyone is afraid of something. Blogger Stephanie Reed tells you how to overcome fear and four things you should know about being afraid.
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Women as modern leaders

We're going back to the future in this business blog. Twenty-two years ago Laura Schmitz gave a speech about female leaders. She believes what she said then is still relevant today. She shared the outline of her speech with us in this blog post. Read it and let us know what you think in the comments section.
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The passion & rhythm of business

What drives a small business owner or entrepreneur? How do they keep that focus when the day to day activities of the job start to take their toll? Small biz guru Melody Campbell explains.
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