How to be more confident in the business world and beyond

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Something I always admire about successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, is their perceived ability to believe in what they’re doing. To overcome fear and take what can often be a huge risk, because they have faith in themselves and their business plans.

It’s similar to how mind control plays a big role in the achievements of Olympic athletes. The most successful Olympians refuse to succumb to doubt. I love watching the behavior of Usain Bolt, for example. At the London Olympics 2012, before he ran (and picked up gold medals) in his various races, he faced enormous pressure from the media suggesting that other younger athletes would beat him this time.

It must have taken strength of character for Bolt to ignore this negativity. Before the races, Bolt was seen smiling and even playfully messing around with Olympic staff and I thought how smart (and entertaining) of him to take this attitude to help overcome the pressure.

Overcoming fear
One of the most motivational books I’ve ever read is ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. Yes – it sounds really cheesy, I’m cringing too – but it actually contains eye-opening, practical advice about taking control of your emotions to do whatever you want in life. I had so many light-bulb moments reading it and it’s a great confidence booster.

Its underlying message is that everyone feels fear – yes, even Usain Bolt – and that uncertainty will always be there. However, it’s up to you whether you let it defeat you or face it head on and do what you want to do in life.

Successful entrepreneurs and business pros worldwide have been able to switch off the negative part of the mind – what Jeffers calls the ‘ego’ – and think from the ‘higher-self’ in order to do well.
I urge anyone who suffers from doubt to read this book, especially if you’re struggling with a big work or life decision. It claims to have ‘changed the lives of millions’ and I believe that to be true. Here are four key points it covers:

  1. Fear will never go away as long as we continue to grow. I know, that sucks. But…
  2. You’re not alone. Everyone experiences a level of fear when facing unfamiliar territory.
  3. Fear should never get in your way. If you’re apprehensive about doing something – pursuing a new business idea, taking your company oversees, doing a presentation, making a sales call – DO IT.
  4. If you don’t go out and do it, you’re letting fear take control. Pushing through fear is far less frightening than feeling helpless.

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4 Responses to How to be more confident in the business world and beyond

  1. paul kruger July 10, 2014 at 9:53 am #

    Great article stephanie! I see some real potential in your writing style. Keep up the good work my dear…I hope to read more of you.

  2. Shea St. Laurent December 2, 2014 at 4:29 pm #

    Fear of the unknown can be combated very easily – with planning and foresight. Dryrun ( is a great tool to help you plan for different scenarios and minimize your business risk!

  3. aboutcreativity January 20, 2015 at 10:20 am #

    all good and thanks.

  4. aboutcreativity January 20, 2015 at 10:23 am #

    joan rivers daughter said it best, its not that my mother did not have fear – she did and did it any way. Very simple and Very powerful.

    I loved joan rivers and i miss her. and will never for get her.

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