Employee Appreciation Day

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Commonly held on the first Friday in March, Employee Appreciation Day is a time when employers give back to the staff that works so hard for them year round. Of course, most employers don’t actually give employees the day off, choosing to give a token of their appreciation instead.

If you’re an employer, even if you don’t employ people full time, finding something as a gift to show that you care can strengthen your relationship and help build trust. However, knowing what to choose as a gift isn’t always easy.

Below you’ll find examples of a few different professions and what gifts might be appropriate. They’ll translate to other fields as well, so take those ideas and personalize them for this Employee Appreciation Day.

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants and front office staff members work hard day in and day out, and many don’t get too much attention. In some cases, it can feel like a pretty thankless job, even if you have the best of intentions.

That’s why it’s important to show your appreciation to the people that answer your phones and deal with basic tasks so you can focus on getting down to the business of making money. Gifts for administrative assistants and front office staff don’t have to be big, so small items like a gift card to a favorite coffee shop or restaurant in the area will be more than sufficient.

If you know more about the individual employee, don’t be afraid to personalize the gift cards based on places you know they’ll go. A trip to the salon for a manicure and pedicure could make a great gift for women. For men, maybe consider something more along the lines of movie tickets or a golf day.


Being a caregiver is an incredibly tough position and one that can be so stressful. If you employ a caregiver to take care of your family or loved ones, getting them a gift on employee appreciation day is so important.

A great gift you can buy somebody who works in such a high-stress job is something simple like a day pass to the spa or a night in a luxurious hotel. Determine the cost of your gift based on how long they’ve been with you and spend a few extra dollars to show you care.

Consider something like a night retreat to a nearby lodge or even a weekend getaway to relax.


If you run a business with a sales staff you know they are the backbone of your team. Keeping them happy is important and showing you care on Employee Appreciation Day is something you need to do.

For a sales staff, focus on gifts that help build a team. A weekend retreat or paid day off – assuming the staff does something together – can be a great way to show that you want your team to be happy and productive in their work.

Management team

Your management team keeps everything together and organizes pretty much all of your employees. While they might be thinking about Employee Appreciation Day gifts for the people they supervise, you should be thinking about them!

For your management team, something that reduces stress is ideal. As much pressure as the management team is put under, gift certificates to get a massage and relax is always a good idea. Or consider giving your management team something they can use all year like a gym membership. Alternately, give individual gifts like a membership to a wine-of-the-month club.

No matter what type of employees you have working for you, giving a gift on Employee Appreciation Day is important. Even if you don’t know exactly what to choose, a general gift that shows you care will mean a lot.

You don’t have to break the bank, either. Even something as simple as a $20 gift will make you one of the most thoughtful employers out there!

How did you celebrate employee appreciation day? Let us know in the comments section below or by reaching out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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