Top 5 blogs of 2017

2017 is now ancient history! Luckily, the insightful tips from this past year’s blogs are here to stay. Let’s take a look at the top five most read blogs published in 2017.

1. 2017 Snapchat trends: why you should create a Geofilter 
Remember Snapchat’s IPO? It made waves as social media in 2017 trended decidedly toward ephemeral content. Also, learn how to create a Geofilter for your next company event.

2. Industry changes: TDS Director of Sales weighs in 
A lot has changed through the years in the business world. Telecommunications is no different. TDS Telecom Director of Sales, Kristi Keip, weighs in on some of the most notable changes.

3. Abandoning the traditional work desk 
Biking while working may seem strange, but with devices like the DeskCycle and FitDesk, it could turn into the new norm.

4. Five speedbumps to avoid when negotiating your salary 
Avoid these 5 mistakes when negotiating your salary. Doing so just might save you some money!

5. Age diversity and the need to be inclusive 
2016 ushered Generation Z into the workplace, with 2017 proclaimed to be the first year that their fresh business outlook will influence the marketplace. How will they be received?

This marks the first in a series on “Top Blogs.” Be sure to check back Friday for the top business blogs of all time on the TDS Business blog.

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