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The best answer to your challenge is “Yet”

It's only a three letter word but it can be the difference between success and failure. Blogger and award winning journalist Jody Glynn Patrick talks about the importance of "yet."
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A successful mindset – what that really means

Can you be successful on your own terms? Own your career, your time, your output, and your success with these mindsets:
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16 tips for winning sales

Are you looking for new ways to increase sales? Or, maybe you’re looking for a different approach to win over prospects. You’re not alone. Recently,… more...
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Want your best career? Stop climbing and start profiling!

The common American perception of career potential is linear – we move “up the ladder” as we get closer to “the top”. The next professional… more...
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Does social drinking help you succeed?

It's almost time for your business' annual holiday party! Blogger and small business guru Brandon Allen tells you why raising a glass with your coworkers could be the secret to your success.
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Are you creating a comfort zone for success or failure?

Blogger Mike MacDonald says there can be multiple comfort zones. In this blog he tells you why creating positive habits can help move you out of an unsuccessful comfort zone.
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Truth Concept

Three inconvenient truths

Blogger and award winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick drops not one, but three truth bombs on you in this blog post.
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3 things that separate the successful from the unsuccessful

Well it's officially hump day! Feel like you're starting to lose steam as the week marches on? Blogger and personal development specialist Mike MacDonald is here to help. He tells you what separates successful people from the unsuccessful.
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Business ownership: Yes, gender matters

A recent Bank of America study shows there are some differences between male and female business owners. Blogger and award-winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick offers her perspective on the report's findings.
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